Platinum lacquer work


Reminiscent of the azure sea
Transparent Blue

with sapphire crystal bezel reminiscent of the azure sea.
A transparent blue, from every angle.
Behold the brilliance captured on a sapphire crystal bezel.
OCEANUS Manta series thinnest *titanium case.
The beauty of appearance and comfortable fit.

* As of September 2021



Additional Oceanus Models

Sapphire crystal bezel featuring
a clear "blue" shine

Sapphire crystal with a thickness of about 3 mm is used for the bezel. For processing, a multi-faceted cutting technique called facet cut was adopted, which is used for jewelry. The color tone is a blue-black gradation which evokes the essence of the azure sea. Vapor deposition process and the sputtering process are applied multiple times.

A frameless case that highlights
the beauty of sapphire crystal

The outer frame of the bezel has been eliminated to highlight the beauty of the sapphire crystal bezel. Blue IP is applied to the inner frame to create the appearance that the face and bezel is made only of sapphire crystal. The shape of the watch has a unique 24-faceted design to resemble a precious gem and the lugs are designed to bring to mind the prons of a jewelery setting.

Dial that enhances visibility
by complementing the sapphire crystal bezel

By adopting in-dial solar, a highly colored black mirror finish is achieved. The hour and minute hands have a trapezoidal cut and grain processing, and the index has grain processing and phosphorescent embedding in the recesses, giving a high-quality finish to every detail. OCWS6000-1A uses blue-film deposition for the in-dial.

The thinnest titanium case in the series

The thinnest titanium case in the series

By downsizing the parts, mounting a high-density board on one side, and flattening the top surface using flat glass, we have achieved a case thickness of 8.7 mm, which is the thinnest in the OCEANUS Manta series, while being equipped with Bluetooth® and radio wave solar.

Titanium muk band with a high fit

Pure titanium band with a high fit

The OCWS6000 consists of an arrow-shaped H piece and a middle piece with a mirror line. The slide adjustment mechanism that can finely adjust the length of the band is adopted as a clasp without using a tool.

Titanium carbide treatment that gives off a beautiful shine

Titanium carbide treatment / rough polishing that gives off a beautiful shine

The tanker bite treatment if the OCWS6000 has improved the wear resistance and color development of the titanium material. The mirror surface is polished to a beautiful surface with high smoothness.

Double-sided anti-reflection coated sapphire glass

Sapphire crystal with double-sided, non-reflective coating

In-dial solar

In-dial solar

More accurate and reliable time with Bluetooth®-equipped radio solar

Accurate Timekeeping via Bluetooth® and Multi-Band 6 radio-controlled technology

Smartphone Link

OCEANUS Connected Free
OCEANUS connected app

Main functions

•  Watch Status

Graphical display of the time-reception status, solar power generation status, and internal data update history.

•  Self-Check Automatic evaluation of watch functions’ operational status

Displays a screen alert in the case of malfunction.

•  Automatic time adjustment

•  World time for over 300 cities

•  Phone Finder