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Important Notification

December 12, 2019 To Users of the "G-SHOCK+" Dedicated G-SHOCK App
Thank you for using a Casio "GB Series" Bluetooth watch.
The "G-SHOCK+" dedicated G-SHOCK app has been supported as an application for linking with smartphones since the GB Series watches were released. However, support for both the OS and for smartphones will end as of May 29, 2020.

Also, while you can continue using your currently installed app, changes to the specifications of your OS or smartphone may result in your app becoming unusable without advance notice.

Affected watch models:
GB-5600B, GB-X6900B, GB-6900B, GB-5600AA/AB, GB-6900AA/AB, GBA-400

[GBA-400 Users]
With the termination of support for the "G-SHOCK+" app, the new "GBA-400+" app will be released as a GBA-400 application for linking with smartphones. The "GBA-400+" app also replaces the current dedicated "G'MIX" app for functions such as controlling the music player. The new app will link with your standard Smartphone music player so that you can control it from your watch. (Following the release of the "GBA-400+" app, "G'MIX" will no longer be available as a download from the app market.)